Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Time to stop some people's suffring?

Now can somebody commission a similar poll for McCain voters?

Update 1: Zogby, which carried out the poll will not duplicate a similar poll for McCain.

Update 2: John Ziegler, who commissioned the poll has an entertaining interview with Nate Silver.

Update 3: The video asked the question:
Which Candidate Won Their First Election By Getting All Of Their Opponents Kicked Off The Ballot?
I had initially thought this was regarding the 2004 election to the US Senate from Illinois where his initial Republican opponent had to withdraw his name due to a sex scandal and was replaced by Alan Keyes but it refers to the 1996 election for the Illinois State Senate seat from the 13th District. Obama got the four other candidates off the ballot by challenging the validity of the signatures on their nominating petitions.

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