Friday, November 21, 2008

Sarah Palin does not care about context

Story here.

Palin pardoning the Turkey, followed by interview excerpt (bowdlerized by MSNBC)

Full length interview

1. The butcher is totally mugging for the camera.

2. Does the Alaska Governor's office have a PR division? If yes, could they not suggest the pardoning be carried out over at the Governor's house (similar to the White House pardon)?

3. The chyron writer in MSNBC should be given a pat, better still, a raise.

4. Sarah Palin obviously does not believe in sugar-coating. Good for her!

5. Sarah Palin needs to get the tic in her left eye checked out.

6. Sarah Palin is still hot. She was truly VPILF material. It is a small consolation that she is still a GILF (G = Governor). We were robbed, both of a VPILF and a FLILF. :(

The apparatus behind Palin is known as a killing cone.

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