Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Funniest tech support question ever

Topic : Pictures automatically attach to e-mail?

Some selected excerpts
Please help! I took my husband's i-phone and found a raunchy picture of him attached to an e-mail to a woman in his sent e-mail file (a Yahoo account). When I approached him about this (I think that he is cheating on me) he admitted that he took the picture but says that he never sent it to anyone. He claims that he went to the Genius Bar at the local Apple store and they told him that it is an i-phone glitch: that photos sometimes automatically attach themselves to an e-mail address and appear in the sent folder, even though no e-mail was ever sent. Has anyone ever heard of this happening? The future of my marriage depends on this answer!
-- Susan042764
Images don't automatically attach to emails.

I hope you and your husband can work things out though.
-- Tamara
Susan, it's most DEFINITELY a glitch. I've had it happen several times on my phone, as have my coworkers who use iPhones.

The reason the answers here have been so skeptical is just how rare photo use is with the iPhone, as well as the apps installed on the phone that would cause this. It has to be under very UNUSUAL circumstances that it can happen--yet it can and does frequently.

Please ignore any of the "troll" answers you're getting causing you grief. (You can find a definition of troll at )

Hopefully, this bug will be resolved in the next firmware update.
-- erikislame
I feel bad for Susan, but I am morbidly curious of what the picture looks like and the end results of her findings. I must not be the only one who is wondering about that.
-- eldeecee
Well, if you must know ... it was a close-up shot of him pleasuring himself taken at the exact moment of maximum pleasure. (I'm trying to remain G-rated here.) It's such a good shot that one must wonder if he actually practiced it a few times before getting it right!

Add that picture to the late night phone calls and some other miscellaneous texts and e-mails that I found ... and this is not the first woman ... and let's just say that my atty is working on the divorce complaint.

Nonetheless, I wanted to remain open to the possibility that it was all some big mistake (I think that he is the big mistake) and thank everyone who provided input on this discussion.
-- Susan042764
think your marriage has a glitch :)
-- dedhero0
Veracity of the complaint is undetermined. News item here.

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