Wednesday, November 19, 2008

How environmentalists can stop worrying and love the Nano

Ezra Dyer of the Esquire:
...environmentalists are already fretting about the impact of 250,000 new cars a year spewing their hydrocarbons across the subcontinent. However, that concern is a little bit misguided, because a good number of those Nanos are actually going to reduce their owners' carbon footprint. Like, by 100 percent, permanently.


At the side of one country road, a Tata heavy truck sat in a crumpled mess, locals calmly organizing the fruit that had fallen off the back. They didn't pay much attention to the driver, who was right there, hanging out--of the windshield.


Into this fracas goes the Nano, a car whose $2,500 price tag was probably not reached through the indulgent inclusion of comprehensive safety equipment. Good luck, Nano drivers, and remember: If might equals right, you don't want to be wrong.

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