Saturday, November 15, 2008

Heads I win, Tails you lose.

Orin Kerr, November 4, 2008 :
1. Republicans Must Now Oppose Executive Power; Democrats Must Be In Favor Of It

2. Republicans Must Now Oppose Judicial Confirmations; Democrats Must Be In Favor.

3. Republicans Must Now Favor Legislative Oversight; Democrats Must Now Oppose It.
GreatBong, November 15, 2008:

After a terrorist attack in India if the alleged perpetrator is:
I. Belonging to the Minority Community:
a. Arundhati Roy, Pakistani Media, Jihad apologists:
1. Take to the streets, sign petitions and froth themselves into a frenzy refusing to even acknowledge the fact that those accused may actually be guilty.

2. Point out the holes in police procedure and the government case against those arrested.

3. Strongly speak out against the “trial by media” whereby the press labels the “innocents” as Islamic terrorists.

4. Implicitly justify these heinous acts by repeating words like “Gujarat”, “Babri Masjid”, “marginalization”, “institutionalized bias”.
b. Hindu right wing:
1. Castigate the Muslim community for not sufficiently condemning the terrorist attacks, as if the entire community is to be held responsible for the acts of a few.

2. Label a person as “guilty” the moment he is arrested.
II. Belonging to the Majority Community:
a. Arundhati Roy, Pakistani Media, Jihad apologists:
1. Stay inside their homes and make no presumptions of innocence.

2. Are totally comfortable with the weakness of the government case and police ineptness or at the very least do not equate it with a setup.

3. Are silent with regards to the “trial by media” and actively participate in it.

4. Provide no justifications of the act.
b. Hindu right wing:
1. Do not expect Hindus to condemn their brethren with the same shrillness that is expected of Muslims.

2. Go to great lengths to point out that the Sadhvi and the Colonel have just been “accused” and should be considered innocent till proven guilty.

3. Accuse the government of setting up these people as part of a large conspiracy re-using ironically the same liberal rhetoric that I talked about previously, albeit in a diametrically opposite context.

4. Point out weaknesses in the official case against those arrested displaying a depth of analysis and Sherlockian powers of induction not displayed when someone of another faith is arrested.

5. Justify the acts as a token “reaction” to the deluge of Islamic terror.

6. Provide rationalizations like “But then something happens in a non descript town in the interiors of one State, where one bomb explodes and a few people died” as if the fact that the town is “non-descript” and the people killed were “few” makes the crime any less important than it is.

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